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Precision Ornamental Upholstery Stitching Services

Exquisite Upholstery Stitch Designs, CNC-Stitched Upholstery Panels, and Upholstery Services

Embellish your upholstery projects with ornamental stitched upholstery panels featuring unique stitching patterns and designs, or let us handle your upholstery design and build project for you.


Experience, Innovation & Precision

By combining years of industrial CAD design experience with the automated precision stitching capabilities of advanced CNC sewing machines, we're blending technology with classic craftsmanship to produce a feeling of luxury and quality that will make your upholstery projects truly special.

Concept Stitching, a Borton Industries company, is rapidly growing and focused on delivering the best-designed, highest-quality stitched upholstery panels possible. Founded in 2014 by Lynne and Todd Borton, we immediately partnered with Spradling Marine to provide luxurious stitch designs and production-quantity CNC quilted panels and parts for the marine and RV industries.

Our Services:

Customized Stitching & Upholstery Design

Enhance your projects with tailor-made stitch designs by a master.

Bringing to bear nearly four decades of design experience, Master Designer Todd Borton can work with you to develop unique stitching patterns and upholstery designs that will enhance your upholstery projects and make them stand out from the crowd. We can work with individual upholsterers and renovation specialists or coordinate with production design teams working on large projects.

Concept Sketches

See how your project will look in advance.

Not only can we provide visuals of our bespoke stitching designs and patterns, we also offer realistic digital concept sketches that show the end result when those designs are applied to your project.

CNC-Stitched Upholstery Panels and Parts

Save time and money with our computerized sewing technology.

We produce precision-stiched upholstery panels and parts using state-of-the-art automated CNC sewing machines that can produce perfect stitch patterns economically which would otherwise require intensive labor to replicate by hand.

Panels are made to your specifications.

We can stitch on a wide variety of fabric, vinyl, marine vinyl, suede, and leather materials and produce pleated, quilted, or simply embroidered stitch panels, depending on your needs. Typical projects use seven stitches per inch or more to meet customer specs. We use high-quality UV-resistant outdoor thread, available in a wide array of colors, or we can use thread that meets customer specs.

We will also cut stitch panels to supplied pattern shapes, and we can provide stitch upholstery kits.

Prototypes, One-Offs, or Production Quantities

With CNC sewing, all quantities are possible.

With design in hand, we can easily produce one-off stitch panels as prototypes, mock-ups, or for single-use situations, such as auto restoration or residential reupholstery, or we can just as easily produce production quantities for marine, auto, RV, aviation, retail, and commercial manufacturers, as well as architectural projects.

Upholstery & Upholstery Build

We can even do the work for you.

Concept Stitching provides a full array of upholstery and reupholstery services, including auto, RV, marine, aviation, furniture, commercial, residential, and architectural upholstery.

We also offer complete upholstery build services for manufacturing and architectural applications. 


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