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Custom Stitching for the Upholstery Industry

CNC-Quilted Panels for Upholsterers

Offer the allure of plush, quilted upholstery panels featuring unique stitch patterns and custom designs at a fraction of the cost and effort required to sew such stitch patterns by hand.

Upholstery Solutions

One-Off Ornamental Quilted Upholstery Panels and Design

Perfect for custom furniture upholstery applications.

Easily integrate the decorative quality of one-of-a-kind CNC-sewn quilted, pleated, and embroidered upholstery panels featuring plush ornamental embroidered stitch patterns, shapes, logos, or other designs. If it can be drawn with a pen and paper, we can do it.

Pricing for Upholsterers

Using our advanced computer-automated sewing machines, we can produce one-off custom quilted upholstery panels and embroidered parts more economically than you might think. Contact us today for more information.

Take advantage of our custom stitch design services.

Regardless of the style that you are looking for, achieve the perfect combination of luxury, quality, and function by letting us help you with the ultimate upholstery stitch design for your project.


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